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by Bennet-Tec

ActiveX Control

MetaDraw is ideal for: Diagramming, Drawing/Cad, Image Annotation, HyperGraphics/MultiMedia, Graphic Interfaces, Floorplans/ Layout / Design. MetaDraw supports creation, display and manipulation of images built from multiple graphic elements (shapes, bitmaps, text). Scroll, Zoom, Print, Create and respond to HotSpots for HyperGraphic applications. The guts of a Draw program brought to you in a control. Available options include: DXF Import and Export Filters; Vectorization; Object AutoArrange

  • Submitted 1/24/2002
MFader ActiveX ActiveX Product

MFader ActiveX

by Ancient Software

ActiveX Control

Add multimedia capabilities to your Visual Basic application with this easy to use yet powerful ActiveX control. This OCX control has more than 115 dazzling and splendid effects to make your multimedia application looks professional and some of these cool effects are pushing, pulling, rolling, stretching, squeezing, revealing... and many more. It is Runtime royalty free.

  • Submitted 8/14/2004
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MFader ActiveX Multimedia control

by Comoponent source

ActiveX Control

With MFader ActiveX component you can write Multimedia, Screen savers, Slideshow and educational applications easily. You have 115 effects to choose from including pushing, rolling, pulling, melting, revealing, zooming, stretching and much more. The MFade

  • Submitted 6/5/2001
Modeling Studio ActiveX Product

Modeling Studio

by DInsight

ActiveX Control ActiveX Component Sute

Modeling environment for KernelCAD software. KernelCAD Control displays interactively 3D solid models. It adds functionality of an embedded CAD software to windows applications. The model can be manipulated programmatically at runtime with instant updates in 3D. KernelCAD can be used in many ways from replacing bitmaps with 3D objects in product catalogues to creating technological process simulations and animations. .NET version included.

  • Submitted 9/19/2004
MP3 Multimedia ActiveX Set ActiveX Product

MP3 Multimedia ActiveX Set


ActiveX Control

MP3 Multimedia is a complete set of ActiveX controls for developing any type of multimedia application. It includes an MP3 player, visual displays (EQ, Wave and Level Bars), slider control, knob control, picture button control and a form shaper control for shaping your window to any image for a nice interface. Make your application stand out from the rest showing visual displays while playing an MP3 song. Customize the slider and knob controls with your own images in the control.

  • Submitted 3/23/2004
NCTFinancialChart.NET Library ActiveX Product

NCTFinancialChart.NET Library

by NCT Company Ltd

ActiveX Control

NCTFinancialChart.NET is the pure .NET class library, which allows you to build desktop or web based financial charting applications. NCTFinancialChart.NET class allows you to: download financial data from web servers; import financial data from text files; store your financial data in MDB or SQL Server database; generate chart using existing financial data; manipulate with different chart indicators; save chart to Bitmap or image file.

  • Submitted 1/8/2003
NCTImageStudio ActiveX DLL ActiveX Product

NCTImageStudio ActiveX DLL

by NCT Company Ltd

ActiveX Control ActiveX DLL

NCTImageStudio ActiveX DLLs is a package of 12 controls, which allows you to implement any kind of imaging routines within your application, such as getting images from scanners and TV tuners, WEB and digital cameras, image files management and conversion, visualization, painting and printing, comparison, digital filters and photographic effects, video effects and much more... Supports all major image file formats.

  • Submitted 9/28/2001
Nevron 3DChart for ActiveX ActiveX Product

Nevron 3DChart for ActiveX

by Nevron

ActiveX Control

Nevron 3DChart is a powerful charting component used to create attractive 3D and 2D charts for client applications and web pages using COM or .NET technologies. 3DChart uses the OpenGL 3D graphics engine to create sophisticated 2D and 3D charts and graphs that can incorporate still or animated images. 3DChart includes a standalone application for chart template generation, an ASP server configuration utility and a toolbar component.

  • Submitted 7/7/2006
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NewWorld3D Construction Kit

by Coherent Visual

ActiveX Control

NewWorld3D is an ActiveX control that you can use to create virtual Doom-like worlds for use in your demo, game, or educational product. Royalty-free distribution of the control in your final application means you can create commercial products!

  • Submitted 3/11/1999
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by JFL Peripheral Solutions

ActiveX Control

ObjectTWAIN makes scanning easy, while giving you unprecedented TWAIN suppport. Use ObjectTWAIN from any COM-capable language (VB, C++, C#, VB.NET, Delphi, PowerBuilder, etc) to easily acquire an image in only a few lines of code - Or use ObjectTWAIN's rich interface to control every aspect of scanning, including custom capabilities. Royalty-free! To use the downloadable demo you need to enter a demo product key; use OTX-DEMO0000.

  • Submitted 8/7/2001
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OGL ActiveX Control

by Softoholic

ActiveX Control

Softoholic OGL ActiveX control allows software developers to use OpenGL implementation for Windows95 and WindowsNT from development tools which support ActiveX controls

  • Submitted 6/22/1998
Online Image Editor ActiveX Product

Online Image Editor

by InDis Baltic

ActiveX Control

Online Image Editor is a multi-platform compatible program that enables content managers and editors to add and maintain photos, images or other graphical material directly from within their browser. OIE works like any Windows-based graphics application. It is a small ActiveX component that the user only has to download once. The full version of OIE contains example scripts in PHP, ASP, ASP.Net, JSP, ColdFusion and CGI executable.

  • Submitted 4/20/2006
Oscilloscope/Chart Professional ActiveX Product

Oscilloscope/Chart Professional

by ProdXtive

ActiveX Control

This control allows you to display numeric data in real time in the form of chart. The professional edition include a mouse selection zooming feature, easy to use print capabilities, many plot styles, customizable mouse cursor and screen Back Picture for tremendous visual effect, and more ! Like the basic Oscilloscope/Chart, the component works as well as a dynamic chart for financial analysis or as a viewer of acquired data from electrical source for example.

  • Submitted 2/26/2004
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PDF Report

by Dreamscape

ActiveX DLL Active Server Page Object

PDFReport is a component for developers who need to integrate PDF creation inside their applications, completely

  • Submitted 2/18/2002
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Performance Monitor

by eTree Inc.

ActiveX Control

The eTree Performance Monitor Control is a simple ActiveX™ (OCX) control that allows you to track system performance in your programs. The control tracks system performance in four key areas: ° CPU Usage ° Memory Usage ° File System Usage ° Network Usage The control uses the standard Windows NT/2000/XP performance API, but combines several performance indicators (or 'counters') to give a better overall view in each area.

  • Submitted 6/25/2002
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by David Crowell

ActiveX DLL

PhotoTrue is a lightweight, inexpensive, royalty-free, and easy-to-use ActiveX component that allows you to quickly add image processing support to your Visual Basic applications. PhotoTrue is easy to distribute to your end users, and adds less than 300K to your distribution.

  • Submitted 10/8/2002
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Picture Effector

by e-Kov Software

ActiveX DLL

Picture Effector is ActiveX component intended for image manipulating, adding effects and drawing basic graphics elements. There are such operation as stretching, rotating, cropping, saving to ASP document stream and to Jpeg or BMP file. Available about 32 graphics effects.

  • Submitted 4/16/2002
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Picture Previewer

by e-Kov Software

ActiveX DLL

Picture Previewer is an ActiveX component intended for image manipulating. There are such operation as stretching, rotating, cropping, saving to ASP document stream and to Jpeg or BMP file.

  • Submitted 4/16/2002
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PictureBox3D ActiveX Control

by VisualX Components, Inc

ActiveX Control

ActiveX control that provides properties, methods and events that allow you to create powerful 3D graphics. Features drawing primitive 2D/3D shapes, quadric objects, 3D space coordinate transformations, lighting, textures, transparency, 2D/3D fonts, etc..

  • Submitted 3/16/2001
This ActiveX product has no screen shot

PicturePlus PictureBox Plus

by Informatik Inc

ActiveX DLL

PicturePlus AX DLL PictureBox Extender

  • Submitted 11/15/1998

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