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Polar SpellChecker Component ActiveX Product

Polar SpellChecker Component

by Polar

ActiveX Control

Polar SpellChecker Component adds SpellChecking capability to your Windows and Web based applications supporting ActiveX/COM, DLL and .NET interface. It includes 14 free-to-download dictionaries fully functional with the trial version. Full source code is included at no extra cost! Built-in features make Polar SpellChecker Component the best choice for all developers; it is intuitive to use, yet rich with SpellChecking functionality.

  • Submitted 1/2/2009
This ActiveX product has no screen shot

PowerPoint Viewer OCX

by OfficeOCX

ActiveX Control

PowerPoint ActiveX acts as an ActiveX document container for hosting PowerPoint document in a custom form or Web page. Support PowerPoint automation client and offer abundant sample codes. You can open a PowerPoint slide show in a form from a server then modify it. It can be easily integrated into applications written in languages that support ActiveX control such as Visual C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, C++ Builder and .Net languages.

  • Submitted 12/21/2006
Prof-UIS Frame Features ActiveX Product

Prof-UIS Frame Features

by FOSS Software, Inc.

ActiveX Control

Prof-UIS Frame Features is a powerful ActiveX control that is based on Prof-UIS and allows you to easily provide your applications with rich and up-to-date graphical user interfaces similar to those used in Microsoft Office XP/2003 and Visual Studio 2005.

  • Submitted 12/21/2005
Quick PDF Library ActiveX Product

Quick PDF Library

by Debenu Pty. Ltd.

ActiveX DLL Visual Basic Add-In

Quick PDF Library is a powerful royalty-free PDF developer SDK - including a 500+ function API for use with ASP, ActiveX, VB, VB Script, C++, C#, Delphi and more... It provides a comprehensive set of functions that allow you to create, split, merge, encrypt, sign, modify, manipulate PDF form fields and JavaScript.

  • Submitted 5/21/2010
Serail Port Monitor ActiveX ActiveX Product

Serail Port Monitor ActiveX

by ELTIMA Software GmbH

ActiveX Control ActiveX DLL Visual Basic Add-In

Serial Port Monitor ActiveX Control detects serial port activity, determines all applications that work with serial port as well as controls serial port directly within your application.. Stability and speed of ActiveX component was greatly improved in this version, new methods and properties were added. This component can be easily extended with your own functionality, delivering new creative opportunities to serial port application development.

  • Submitted 7/28/2006
Setup Compiler Software ActiveX Product

Setup Compiler Software

by Setup Installer

Setup compiler utility is an easy, safe and reliable application which quickly creates portable executable exe files for your windows application programs. Setup making tool has Graphical User Interface which requires no technical skills to operate.

  • Submitted 8/11/2009
SimpleIPC ActiveX Product


by Cognitier

SimpleIPC is a set of objects, server processes, and configuration tools which allow you, the software developer, to have some of your application's work performed in an external process on the same machine. SimpleIPC uses .NET Remoting over the IPC channel, but your client can be .NET, COM or Java, so it provides a simple interop from Java or COM to .NET. You can run many IPC servers on a machine and improve your horizontal scalability.

  • Submitted 11/17/2009
Skater .NET Obfuscator ActiveX Product

Skater .NET Obfuscator

by Smrtx

Visual Basic Add-In

Skater .NET Obfuscator is an obfuscation tool for .NET code protection. Prohibits reverse engineering;Obfuscated application usually is not recompilable;Processes any .NET application, executable or assembly;Encrypts string constants;Compatible with any .NET framework (1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, and 3.5);Control flow obfuscation stops decompilers and deobfuscators;Scrambles class names, method names, field names etc.

  • Submitted 1/1/2007
SkinCrafter ActiveX Product


by DMSoft Technologies

ActiveX Control ActiveX DLL

SkinCrafter - a craft of user interface skins is what this development tool is about. Try it today and see how effectively skins might be applied to your projects with just few lines of code. No dialogs and controls should be changed, SkinCrafter hooks them automatically and convert the visual side into nice style defined by skin. A great amount of free skins is available. All of them are free including SkinBuilder. So, hold your UI under control

  • Submitted 7/28/2003
Smartcell Standard ActiveX Product

Smartcell Standard

by Indisoft

ActiveX Control ActiveX DLL

Smartcell is one of the first in its kind which supports unicode. So there is no barrier on any language. You can send SMS using your local language to your clients and customers and be in touch with them. Post download, you can see our sample programs which are given with the installation. These are in Delhi, C, C++, VB, .net and ASP programing environment. You can simply copy and paste the code and make your application SMS powered.

  • Submitted 1/22/2007
Solutions Schedule for COM ActiveX Product

Solutions Schedule for COM

by DBI Technologies Inc.

ActiveX Control

Solutions Schedule for COM is an asset management and multi-resource scheduling component software for COM-based IDE's. Add Silverlight presentation styles and great scheduling functionality for standard COM-based application development.

  • Submitted 1/5/2010
This ActiveX product has no screen shot

Solutions Schedule for COM

by DBI Technologies Inc.

ActiveX Control

Solutions Schedule for COM is a Full resource and asset management scheduling solution in an ActiveX Component. Add exceptional multi-resource scheduling and Asset Management style Gantt chart scheduling capabilities with Silverlight presentations to any COM-based application development. Solutions Schedule for COM is designed to provide Windows Developers with an enhanced drag and drop resource scheduling user interface.

  • Submitted 10/2/2009
SplineTech JavaScript Debugger ActiveX Product

SplineTech JavaScript Debugger

by Spline Technologies

SplineTech JavaScript HTML Debugger is a unique award-winning javascript debugging tool that enables you to easily edit and debug JavaScript and VBScript inside HTML pages. Client-Side JavaScript, JScript and VBScript debugging languages are fully supported for simple and complex HTML and DHTML debugging scenarios. Latest feature added - Local variable Watch tree.

  • Submitted 9/4/2008
Studio Controls for COM ActiveX Product

Studio Controls for COM

by DBI Technologies Inc.

ActiveX Control

Studio Controls for COM contains the premier Appointment Scheduling, Data input and edits, Dialogues, Calendars, Data and Menu Navigation, General Presentation and Grid, List and Tree View controls in one single, value-packed product.

  • Submitted 1/5/2010
This ActiveX product has no screen shot


by Pantaray Research

SuperOrca from "Pantaray Research Ltd." is a direct replacement to the "Orca" utility from Microsoft. SuperOrca may be used to examine and modify an MSI database. SuperOrca - can be freely downloaded from the internet, no need to download and install the entire Microsoft SDK. SuperOrca - will allow you to scan and manipulate all MSI database table in an intuitive and user friendly manner.

  • Submitted 2/2/2009
TaskDialog.NET ActiveX Product



Add Vista-style Task Dialog to .NET applications on any platform supported by the .NET Framework. Task dialogs enable developers to create well-designed, consistent dialogs boxes efficiently and it is a versatile alternative to the old message box which has often been used to create dialog boxes that are difficult to understand and use.

  • Submitted 1/30/2009
Team Remote ASP Debugger ActiveX Product

Team Remote ASP Debugger

by Spline Technologies

ActiveX EXE Active Server Page Object ActiveX Component Sute

Team Remote ASP Debugger is an award-winning ASP debugging tool that enables your team to easily edit and debug ASP code remotely and locally, directly on your production server. VBScript and JavaScript debugging languages (including JScript) fully supported for simple and complex ASP debugging scenarios. Now Featuring dockable floating windows, and an integrated interactive step by step ASP debugging guide.

  • Submitted 9/4/2008
This ActiveX product has no screen shot

Tethys Macro SDK

by Tethys Solutions, LLC

Add Macro Recorder to your software or create custom macro applications with Tethys Macro SDK. Leverage the power of SMART Macro Technology. Integrate it with your software in just minutes. Use API or pre-defined GUI components. Simply cut and paste from sample code. Give your users one of the most sought-after tools today. Qualify for a free license or purchase it for a one-time cost with no ongoing fees.

  • Submitted 5/26/2006
This ActiveX product has no screen shot

TIFF To PDF ActiveX Component

by Guangming Software

ActiveX Control

Convert TIFF files to PDF Support single or multiple page TIFF Support various TIFF encoding such as CCITT G3/G4, LZW, RLE and uncompressed Merge multiple TIFF files into one PDF Standalone, doesn't depend on Adobe Acrobat or Reader Provide demos in ASP, VB, VB Script, VB.Net

  • Submitted 5/19/2006
Unicode Controls for VB6 ActiveX Product

Unicode Controls for VB6

by Lorenzi Davide

ActiveX Control ActiveX DLL ActiveX Component Sute

A complete set of UNICODE classes and controls to turn your VB6 application into an UNICODE machine with very few changes in your code! Features: Win32 API Driven classes and usercontrols, Very fast and lightweight, Compatible with all Windows Platforms (UNICODE on Windows 2000+ systems), Fully compatible with original VB6 controls, Fully customizable, XP, Vista or Glass interface, MouseWheel event catch, Design directly in UNICODE!

  • Submitted 8/11/2009

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