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GPS ActiveX for Pocket PC


ActiveX DLL

Get position, satellite and speed information right into your eMbedded Visual Basic application (eVB) or Pocket IE web page. Works with Garmin, Magellan, Navman or any NMEA 0183 enabled GPS. Support for National grids e.g. UTM, British Grid, Swiss Grid, Irish Grid and more.

  • Submitted 3/10/2003
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Greenleaf CommX

by Greenleaf Software, Inc.

ActiveX Control ActiveX DLL Visual Basic Add-In

Eliminate the complexity of serial communications with true ActiveX controls providing multithreaded event-driven I/O, easy-to-use terminal emulations, and standard file transfer protocols with built-in persistent property pages and channeled events.

  • Submitted 6/19/1998
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by Gardos Software

ActiveX DLL

gsRTFWriter is an object oriented ActiveX DLL for generating documents in Rich Text Format(RTF files) Features: Page format (width, height, margins etc.) - Fonts: size, character set, style and colors. - Paragraph formatting: justification, indentation, border, shading - color, etc. - Embedded graphics. - Headers - footers. - Tables. - Drawing objects (line, ellipse, rectangle, polygon, polyline and text box) - Document information.

  • Submitted 2/2/2005
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Hash ActiveX Objects

by newObjects (ZmeY soft)

ActiveX DLL Active Server Page Object

A collection of 15 ActiveX objects that calculate checksums, cryptographic hashes, and Hash-based Message Authentication Codes (HMAC). Includes MD5, SHA1, RIPEMD family of algorithms, and more.

  • Submitted 2/17/2000
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by Bokler Software Corp.

ActiveX Control

Data authentication control

  • Submitted 10/28/1998
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Help & Manual

by EC Software

Help & Manual is a stand-alone authoring tool to create all types of standard Windows help files. In addition to HTML HELP and classic Winhelp, to produces browser based help for Internet publications and PDF user manuals. Help & Manual has everything on board you need to create A+ documentation.

  • Submitted 12/14/2001
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Hex Editor ActiveX Control

by ELRA-Kovatchev ET

ActiveX Control

The Hex Editor control allows the user to viewing and editing any sort of binary data and it has been designed to be used inside VC++, VB or Delphi applications and on web pages as well. Features: Multilevel undo/redo; Print; Insert/Over edit mode; Fast find/replace text; View/ edit as bin/dec/hex/text; Copy hex/dec/bin/text to clipboard;Font and color options;Popup menu; Full access to memory buffer; Up to 2 GB file size; Adjust bytes per line.

  • Submitted 1/5/2002
HexCmp ActiveX Product


by Fairdell Software

ActiveX Control

HexCmp is a program, which combines together the features of a binary file comparison application and a convenient hex editor. The program will help you to compare files in binary format, at the same time serving as a hex editor that will edit and modify your files. Comparison is made on-the-fly, while scrolling down the files. Enhanced with features like color highlighting; synchronous scrolling and more another functions.

  • Submitted 2/27/2004
Hide My Folders ActiveX ActiveX Product

Hide My Folders ActiveX

by ELTIMA Software GmbH

ActiveX Control ActiveX DLL Visual Basic Add-In

Your application files and folders hidden with Hide My Folders ActiveX cannot be accessed, searched for, viewed or deleted, therefore no one will know that they exist. Using Hide My Folders ActiveX methods and properties you could easily implement advanced hiding features in your application saving time and efforts while focusing on other tasks. Hide any number of files at once, making them secure and invisible in Safe mode and over the network.

  • Submitted 8/30/2005
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Holiday Activex Control

by Visual Foundation

ActiveX Control

The Holiday Activex Control computes date values for every major US holiday for every conceivable year (A.D. 100 to A.D. 9999.) Full featured demo.

  • Submitted 12/14/1999
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by CEBware

ActiveX Control


  • Submitted 8/26/1998
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HQAudio DLL[with Source Code]

by Haque Software

ActiveX DLL

HQAudio Dll is Dynamic Link Library to extract Audio files from CD, VCD, dat, mpeg, mpg, mp3, wav and wma files and merge them into a single track of type mp3,wav or wma. Save Audio files into mp3 and wav files with specified number of channel, bitrate and samplerate. Play the file before putting it on the track and listen the audio file before saving it

  • Submitted 5/15/2004
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HSCalendar Control

by Hillbrook Software

ActiveX Control

ActiveX Programmable Calendar Control

  • Submitted 9/27/1998
ILRegistry ActiveX DLL ActiveX Product

ILRegistry ActiveX DLL

by Interlogic

ActiveX DLL

High-quality ActiveX DLL server that empowers your applications with easy access to the system registry on local or remote computers.

  • Submitted 5/27/2003
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by Berri Ltd

ActiveX Control ActiveX DLL Active Server Page Object

Allows COM developers to gain in-depth knowledge of COM interfaces from within their own source code. Returns GUIDs, version numbers, PROGID's and method definitions of COM components at run-time. Also allows dynamic registration and un-registration of CO

  • Submitted 10/3/2000
iTech Logging ActiveX Product

iTech Logging

by iTech Software

ActiveX DLL

Add 2nd generation logging and analysing capabilities to your applications! iTech Logging is a second generation solution for application-specific protocolling, program monitoring and execution analysis. It is a powerful complement to your software components and development tools. It includes various ITLogLib runtimes for different programming languages, ITConfigManager for online-configuration and ITLogBook as a monitoring and analysis tool including powerful filter mechanisms.

  • Submitted 5/23/2003
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KDTele Tools

by Kaed System

ActiveX Control

KDTele is a collection of controls that provide to your application advanced telephony features, such as: -Make and answer phone calls -Detect tone and pulse digit from the phone line -Capture Caller ID -Play and record on the phone line or sound card -Silence detection when recording -Send and receive faxes -Wave sound editor -Full control over the serial port device -ZModem file transfer utility -File compression and encryption utility -Voice recognition and voice synth

  • Submitted 2/4/2001
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by Ominor Technologies

ActiveX Control

KeyCatcher is an invisible ActiveX control that allows clients to intercept Windows NT and Windows 2000 keyboard events before they reach their target applications and alter, stop, or allow them to pass on.

  • Submitted 3/2/2001
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by The KMC Partnership

ActiveX Control

The KMCSpellChecker Active-X control enables you to add cheap and easy spell checking capabilities to your applications. The control uses the Microsoft Word(c) spell checking engine to provide accurate, Microsoft Office(c) style spell checking.

  • Submitted 8/1/2001
This ActiveX product has no screen shot


by Kamee Services

ActiveX Control

KMSRegging is a control that gives you the possibility to manipulate the registry. You can create, modify and delete registry keys and values. The control is capable of reading or writing the registry datatypes: REG_NONE, REG_SZ, REG_EXPAND_SZ, REG_B

  • Submitted 2/16/1999

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