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Anti-Keylogger for IE ActiveX Product

Anti-Keylogger for IE

by Renegade Minds

ActiveX Control

Secure inputs on web pages and stop keyloggers to protect from identity theft. Quickly create secure inputs with the accompanying code generator. Protecting customers from credit card theft, stolen IDs and passwords only takes a few seconds. Custom properties let you specify text vs. password inputs, fonts, sizes, form names, and unique input names for scripting. Runs completely client-side to protect customers and web visitors.

  • Submitted 8/25/2004
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by AdminSystem Software Ltd

ActiveX Control ActiveX DLL

ANUPLOAD Object is a COM Object built by Visual C++ ATL. It enables your ASP application to upload individual or multiple files througth browser to server based on HTTP protocol. It provides rich file I/O operations. Developer can easily use those features to copy, move and delete files/directories. It also supports database operations to insert chunk data into database.

  • Submitted 2/26/2002
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AOLX Screen Name Extractor


ActiveX Control

The ONLY ActiveX control to extract screen names from America Online (AOL) and Compuserve.

  • Submitted 6/5/2001
APGen ActiveX Product


by WebGecko Software

ActiveX Component Sute

APGen is the leading programming environment for pre-rendering web pages and generating other content. Pre-rendering yields many benefits, including unrivaled web page performance, superior reliability, reduced web hosting costs and ease of maintenance.

  • Submitted 5/13/1999
API Generator for Visual Basic ActiveX Product

API Generator for Visual Basic

by Timur Software

The API Generator is an advanced API Viewer that enables you to create prototypes for any VB API calls. If you have used the Microsoft API Viewer in VB6, and you are starting to work with VB7, the API Generator will help you to apply all your knowledge of Win API in the new environment. This tool generates arguments and return values of the Win32 API functions automatically !

  • Submitted 6/9/2003
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Arclab Email Toolbox

by Arclab Software

ActiveX DLL Active Server Page Object

Add email functionality to your application. Arclab Email Toolbox Component is a COM-based component for applications and ASP pages. It fully supports rich text (HTML) messages with images and attachments, multiple recipients (TO,CC,BCC), custom headers and many more. It includes all functions for SMTP, ESMTP, POP AUTH and a MX resolver component which can be used for direct mail relay or to verify an email by syntax and domain.

  • Submitted 11/8/2000
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by Aristoline Limited

ActiveX DLL

ARHTTP enables programs, scripts, web pages and Active Server Pages to use the HTTP protocol to open/retrieve URLs. It features are setting/getting HTTP headers, supports GET/POST/HEAD actions, handles URL encoding when submitting to CGI programs, capture

  • Submitted 1/9/2001
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ASP FormMail

by GeoCel

Active Server Page Object

ASP FormMail is a form to e-mail gateway which is 100% compatible with original FormMail HTML forms! It is a complete ASP port of the popular PERL/SendMail FormMail script for Active Server Pages (Microsoft IIS or Chili!ASP extensions).

  • Submitted 4/30/1999
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ASP Upload Component

by Softcomplex

ActiveX Control ActiveX DLL

ASP Upload Component is ActiveX component designed to ease access to multipart/form-data received from client's browser when developing Active Server Pages applications. With this component installed you can access multiple file uploads and other form data just the way it is done with Request object.

  • Submitted 3/20/2002
ASP XML Parser Component ActiveX Product

ASP XML Parser Component

by Chilkat Software, Inc.

ActiveX Control ActiveX DLL

A super-fast, low-memory usage, XML parser specifically designed to be used server-side in ASP scripts. This DOM based parser is many times faster than MSXML, and consumes far less memory. Great for handling large XML data files. This ActiveX component is specifically designed for use in Active Server Pages scripts.

  • Submitted 7/20/2002
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by dsx

ActiveX Control

ASP-XBarCode is an ATL COM component that can be used directly in Active Server Page using VBScript, ASP.Net. ASPBarCode can be used to save barcode as a PNG image file on the server machine or create barcode's PNG image into memory that can be sent to any browser. It supports 20 linear symbologies and 6 2D symbologies(PDF 417, Micro PDF 417, DataMatrix, MaxiCode, QRCode, Aztec Mesas). It has two packages(Linear with price 199.99 USD and Liner/2D with price of 369.99 USD)

  • Submitted 12/9/2000
ASP.NET DataGrid ActiveX Product

ASP.NET DataGrid

by APNSoft

Active Server Page Object

ASP.NET server control with AJAX support to display data in a tabular format with options of choice, sorting and editing entries. DataGrid component has been designed in a way to reduce development time at the utmost and require no specific knowledge from developers.

  • Submitted 1/7/2009
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by WebGecko Software

ActiveX DLL Active Server Page Object

ASPCache is a high-performance, thread-safe component designed to make it easy to cache data and page fragments in Active Server Pages. Using ASPCache, customers can make their dynamic Web pages faster and reduce the load on their Web servers.

  • Submitted 9/5/2001
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by Diamond Software Concepts

ActiveX Control ActiveX DLL Active Server Page Object

Aspect is an Active-X component for Active Server Pages Development. It provides facilities for serious Web Based database development as well as services for uploading binary or text data to Web servers, file management, SQL statement building, Date for

  • Submitted 7/31/2000
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Active Server Page Object

ASP component to save files uploaded using the browse button in the browser. Files can be saved to disk or exported as binary data for use by a database or other component. Functions are provided to read form variables. This component is can be supplied singly or bundled with our ASPPhotoResizer component. Free trial available.

  • Submitted 5/29/2005
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by dotnet-tools

ActiveX DLL Active Server Page Object

ASPLDAP is an ActiveX component that allows programmers to manipulate objects within an LDAP Directory. ASPLDAP works with ASP, Visual Basic, Visual C++ and Coldfusion. It has been tested on directories such as e-Directory, iPlanet, Active Directory and OpenLDAP.

  • Submitted 12/10/2004
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by Nikolai Tchourliaev

Active Server Page Object

ASPMultiChat is a server-side component that adds chat capabilities to Internet Information Server (IIS) running on Windows NT(2000) platform. The component helps site builders to design various chatting sites only by modifying the sample ASP files. No client-side Java-applets, Plug-ins or ActiveX needed. There is nothing for the client to download. Clients should have only HTML-compatible browsers with frames and Java-script support.

  • Submitted 1/15/2002
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ActiveX DLL Active Server Page Object

ASP component to resize JPEG images. Images can be saved to disk or streamed to the browser. Functionality includes rotate, crop and flip, adjust compression and DPI, convert to greyscale. Converts images from CMYK format. Simple commands are provided for streaming to the browser and resizing to fit a specified rectangle. Input can be accepted from a binary variable making it usable with upload components. Free trial available.

  • Submitted 4/27/2005
ASPXpand for ActiveX Product

ASPXpand for

by Cant Be Done Software

ASPXpand is a new ASP.Net component helping to bridge the gap between desktop development and web development. ASPXpand offers several functions such as; Set Focus, Masked Edit, Set Left, Set Top, MsgBox, a Client-Server Timer and much, much more. ASPXpand works with the native ASP.NET controls which makes using it a snap with both new and existing projects.

  • Submitted 4/15/2004
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Asynchronous Download

by Redei Enterprises

ActiveX DLL

Download HTTP is a development tool for Windows programmers. It provides a Windows DLL, named as ReDnLoad.dll with a few functions callable from just about any Windows programming language. These functions provide • Information about files at a remote website • Multi-threaded downloading of as many files as needed and allowed by the available memory • Retrieving the content of files without writing them to disk, text and binary files are all supported and also includes the source code.

  • Submitted 7/5/2004

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