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AudioShare! Voice Over IP ActiveX

by GlobeStream Solutions

ActiveX Control

Stream live audio from your applications over TCP/IPin a snap! Create your own Web-Phone.

  • Submitted 5/1/2001
Auscomp eNavigator Suite ActiveX Product

Auscomp eNavigator Suite

by Auscomp

ActiveX Control ActiveX Component Sute

Auscomp eNavigator Suite is a complete command center for creating and managing Web Sites and Intranet/Extranet systems. Any level of experience can use it. You can now even choose between ActiveX (.net) technology and Java with just the click of a button. Your visitors will have easy and instantaneous access to the information you want them to see. For compatibility with almost any site, Auscomp eNavigator Suite lets you build fully customized information and site navigation management systems

  • Submitted 3/10/2003
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Auto Control Resizer for VB 5.00

by Rational Brains

ActiveX Control

This is amazing Auto Control Resizer for VB 5.00. You do not have to write a single line of code or set any property. Just put this control on a form and all the controls on that form will be resized automatically as you resize the form.

  • Submitted 9/3/1999
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AVX GetHost

by Software 323

ActiveX Control

With this ActiveX control you can get the IP address from a host name, and a host name from the IP address, in syncronous or asyncronous mode. In syncronous mode your program will wait until the get host process is finished. In asyncronous mode your program will return immediately after a get host method call, and the result will be sent to you, through events. Help files and sample project is included. The full version of GetHost can be downloaded immediately after making your purchase.

  • Submitted 5/16/2005
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Banasoft Transport ActiveXs

by Banasoft

ActiveX Control

Make RAS call to enable winsock connection and provider a simple way to transmit any type of varibles. Null modem also be supported, you can connect to a normal COM port directly.

  • Submitted 2/20/2001
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Banasoft Winsock Controls

by Banasoft

ActiveX Control

Banasoft Winsock Controls are multithread winsock component written by VB completely. It 's compatible with MSWinsck control. You may be want to write a mini Internet application, But the winsock base control MSWinsck.OCX is large and can not build in your application. Now you can use BNWinsck VB source code control to do this. In order to reduce the source code size, banasoft winsock control is splitted in two controls the TCP control and the UDP control. How to use multithread in VB? Sim

  • Submitted 8/27/2001
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BarCode/AX: Code 39


ActiveX Control ActiveX EXE ActiveX DLL Active Server Page Object Visual Basic Add-In

BarCode/AX uses the latest ActiveX technology to provide barcode-enabling features for web pages, documents, and applications. Default settings are fully compliant with USS/CEN standards, for error-free scanning. Royalty free runtime distribution.

  • Submitted 6/1/1999
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by BarcodeNET

ActiveX Control Active Server Page Object

BarcodeNET is total solution for barcode printing in .NET Platform. Full managed code, provide VB.NET and C# developer a rapid barcode developing environment. bundle with BarcodeNET/Html,BarcodeNET/Windows,BarcodeNET/Image. BarcodeNET support EAN13,EAN8,UPC_A,UPC_E(0 or 1),Codebar,ISBN,Code39,Code 128a,Code 128b,Code 128c,INT 2 of 5, STD 2 of 5 and more. It generate barcode image on fly. It could easy implement for cross platform design. BarcodeNET also integrated in Visual studio

  • Submitted 6/17/2002
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Base64 Encoding/Decoding Component


ActiveX DLL Active Server Page Object

This ActiveX DLL can be used to develop applications that require strings or files to be encoded to, and decoded from, the Base64 format.

  • Submitted 1/22/2001
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by GA eXpress

ActiveX DLL Active Server Page Object

DOM made easy. <Invoice><InvoiceHeader><Customer>XYZ Corp.</Customer>... Accessed as bizDom.Invoice.InvoiceHeader.Customer.Text and other features to make XML programming easier and faster, and reducing maintenance costs. 30 day eval period. V

  • Submitted 3/13/2001
Blogger API ActiveX ActiveX Product

Blogger API ActiveX

by Tortuga Group LLC

ActiveX Control ActiveX DLL Active Server Page Object

Provides a powerful API for inserting, updating, deleting, and fetching blog posts from It also provides a general purpose Atom API for manipulating Atom feed documents.

  • Submitted 9/1/2005
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BLS Phonehome Control

by BLS Security Solutions

ActiveX Control

The BLS Phonehome Control allows your applications to send back usage information to a central server. You will know who uses it, when they use it, and will even have enough information to find them in the real world! You can eliminate piracy and follow sales leads more closely. The control is extremely easy to integrate, you can do it with only one line of code! Now you can assure the security of your program and also foster sales.

  • Submitted 10/1/2003
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bsiLinkMan - Site Link Management

by Burgess Systems Inc.

Active Server Page Object

bsiLinkMan is an ActiveX component that is used in ASP driven websites. Using this control you can add a directory of links to your site in 15 min. All functionality is included for full link submission and control.

  • Submitted 10/30/2000
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Bullseye Pro ActiveX DLL

by Electric Vine Interactive

ActiveX Control ActiveX DLL Active Server Page Object

Bullseye Pro ActiveX DLL performs a zip code or postal code search. Ofen Used as a dealer locator, Bullseye can be used for any zip code search application for Internet/Intranet.

  • Submitted 12/21/2000
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Calendar Control

by Obtuse Software

ActiveX Control

Lightweight powerful ActiveX Calendar. Supports multiple styles and OLE objects that return hexadecimal color values for all elements of the control. The control is drawn with API graphics methods and does not contain constituent controls (except custom properties dialog controls exposed in certain environments.) Free to use and distribute in non commercial software. Commercial distributions must be licensed.

  • Submitted 9/11/2004
Catalyst File Transfer .NET ActiveX Product

Catalyst File Transfer .NET

by Catalyst Development Corp

The Catalyst File Transfer .NET component enables developers to easily integrate file transfer functionality within their applications. This .NET class implements the standard protocols for sending and receiving files over the Internet and corporate intranets, and can be used in a wide variety of programming languages which can use .NET components. A simpler, unified interface means fewer lines of source code and less complexity

  • Submitted 7/15/2009
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Certificate Authenticate Component

by wang soft

ActiveX DLL

When you want to use Digital Certicate to authenticate user in IIS (B/S) envirement, you need to authenticate the certificate's ROOT certificate to see whether it is issued by the believed Certificate Center, and you also need to authenticate the user certificate using CRL (revocation list) to see whether the user certificate is in the revocation list. Although IIS does provide ROOT certificate check, it always beleieves VERISIGN etc.

  • Submitted 5/14/2002
Chilkat ASP Mail Component ActiveX Product

Chilkat ASP Mail Component

by Chilkat Software, Inc.

ActiveX Control ActiveX DLL Active Server Page Object

Powerful POP3/SMTP email ActiveX component specifically designed to be used in ASP websites. Features: Send Email (SMTP) Read Email (POP3) Attachments HTML Embedded Images Multipart/Alternative Multipart/Related S/MIME Signed Emails Encrypted Emails Export to XML Distribution Lists SMTP Auth Mail-Merge Filtering Mailbox Management Server Diagnostics Forwarding Replying Return Receipt Charset Conversion

  • Submitted 7/20/2002
Chilkat Charset Convert Component ActiveX Product

Chilkat Charset Convert Component

by Chilkat Software, Inc.

ActiveX Control ActiveX DLL

ActiveX component for character encoding conversion. Also includes HTML charset conversion, and batch mode to convert all text or HTML files contained in a Zip. Supports all western languages, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Arabic, Thai, Vietnamese, Russian, Cyrillic, Ukraine, Greek, Turkish, Icelandic, Croatian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, and more. Conversion to/from Unicode is also supported. (UTF-8 UCS-2, UCS-2BE, UCS-2LE UCS-4, UCS-4BE, UCS-4LE UTF-16, UTF-16BE, UTF-16LE UTF-32)

  • Submitted 7/20/2002
Chilkat Mail ActiveX Component ActiveX Product

Chilkat Mail ActiveX Component

by Chilkat Software, Inc.

ActiveX Control ActiveX DLL

Feature-packed POP/SMTP email component supporting attachments, HTML, S/MIME encryption and digital signatures, SMTP authorization, XML import/export, MHTML compliant, filtering, mail merge features, Outlook integration, multipart/alternative support, distribution lists, charset conversion, reply, forwarding, return-receipt, server diagnostics, mailbox management, delete, multipart/related, multipart/alternative, smart cards, and more.

  • Submitted 7/24/2001

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